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MLS laser therapy at Louetta Foot and Ankle Specialists

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Dr. Michelle's Medi Spa

We understand...

When it comes to your foot and ankle health, you have unique needs. You need leading-edge care so you can heal, move, work and maintain your active lifestyle. We can help you achieve a better quality of life through improved foot and ankle healthcare.

Our Goal

Develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs. We will take time to get to know you, answer your questions, and educate you on how to take better care of your feet and ankles and prevent future injury.

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Our Doctors

Our attentive team of doctors have over 50 years combined experience in curing foot and ankle problems for patients of all ages. They have developed a great reputation with both patients and other physicians. In fact, most of our patients are referrals.

Meet Our Doctors
  • Deanna Muehlenbrock

    Dr. Walsh has been phenomenal! She had an awesome bedside manner with me as well as my children. Always talking them through every step of the way. You know you have found a lifelong doctor when you entrust your children's care to them. I have recommended Dr. Walsh to many of many friends and all have loved her.

    Deanna Muehlenbrock

    Sharon Dixon

    Dr. Walsh, You always make me feel so much better.

    Sharon Dixon

    Madeline C

    Thank you for taking care of my toe. I'll be flipping back into gymnastics in no time!

    Madeline C

    Casey B

    After just 2 treatments with the MLS Laser for my ankle injury, I felt a significant decrease in pain and swelling.  I am very active in the gym so it was very important for me to heal quickly.  Each treatment is quick and painless as well which is a definite plus!  I would recommend this treatment to anyone in pain!

    Casey B


    Dr. Bachmann, You did a great job on both my toes. I am healing well on this last one. It feels good to mark it off my "to do" list. Now I can start my step aerobics class again. Thank you for taking good care of me.