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These are the Best and Worst Shoes for Home

By this point in the pandemic, you may have spent a lot of time walking around your house barefoot. And that may be a problem because, when you walk barefoot, you can negatively affect the physical function of your foot.

You see, our feet have arches, and walking barefoot, especially on hard surfaces, makes those arches collapse. This puts tons of stress on your feet and the rest of your body, too. Plus, when you walk barefoot, your feet turn in more with every step you take. Over time, that turning (called pronation) can increase your risk for bunions, hammertoes and other foot deformities, since it changes the way pressure is distributed across your feet. Barefoot heel pain

Now, that kind of progression takes time. But in just the few short months since the start of COVID shutdowns, we’ve seen a rise in other effects of barefoot walking, including arch and heel pain, and even Achilles tendonitis.  We’ve also noticed an uptick in fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, especially among our barefoot loving patients who’ve spent the summer hanging by the pool.

Here’s the good news: we’re here to help, no matter what has caused your foot pain. As our patient Wanda S recently shared, “Dr. Bachman is an outstanding physician who takes time to address your medical needs. He is one of the few physicians left this day and time who doesn’t just rush in and hurry to get you out of the office.”

So we will always take the time to help you understand and correct the cause of your foot pain. But we’d also like to stop that foot pain from every developing. So, today, we’re sharing better-for-you shoe choices to wear around the house.

The Best Shoes for Home Wearing

One of our top recommendations for in-home foot wear is a pair of slides or sandals with a bit of support. Think brands like Birkenstock, that have come back into fashion without giving up on the idea of arch support. Another bonus feature to look for is a leather insole: this is especially important if you’re going sockless in your shoes. The leather will keep your feet dry, unlike rubber, which can help prevent foot fungus from developing.

Of course, sometimes you’ll want to skip shoes in the house. And that’s okay, if it’s only an occasional habit. Still, to be safe, when you’re skipping shoes, think about putting on socks or slippers. This will put a protective layer between your feet and any dirt or sharp objects that may be lying around your home. Just be smart about the times you choose to skip the shoes. If you’re going to be on your feet for a long time, making dinner at the stove or cleaning up after a meal, get back in those sandals. Otherwise, the pressure of your full body weight will take a toll on your feet, likely resulting in foot pain.

And don’t think that all ‘supportive’ sandals are created equally. Even if your house shoes have some sort of arch support, the sole thickness is also important. Going too flimsy on the sole is just like going barefoot. It leaves you vulnerable to the same types of foot pain and changes in your foot function.

Getting Back on the Right Foot kids have a higher risk for ingrown toenails

If you’ve spent the last six months barefoot, don’t worry. Even if you’re already experiencing problems, there’s so many ways we can help you find pain relief. Even if you’re not from the Spring or Tomball, TX area, we’re happy to help you find quick relief from your foot injuries.

Just last month, we welcomed Sharon K. to our office, who later shared, “I was visiting from out of state and had a toe emergency. They were very responsive and got me an appointment that day. All the staff – phone, check-in, medical assistant, X-ray tech, check- out – were friendly and efficient. Doctor Duhkani explained everything to me in terms I could understand. I couldn’t be happier with my experience and would recommend them highly.”

In other words, whether your foot pain is new or lingering, chronic or a sudden emergency, our team of podiatrists at Louetta Foot & Ankle is here to help. Call us right away to address any nagging foot pain. In many cases, we can offer you a same-day appointment!

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