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Research Reveals Use Of Ankle Weights Risky

Ohio State University physical therapist Matt Briggs cautions against the use of ankle weights during exercise. Ankle weights are designed to increase the difficulty and muscle activation of exercises, and as such, are popular with people looking to burn more calories or athletes hoping to increase their strength and stamina. However, Briggs said that the…

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Removal of Bunions Also Common Among Young Adults

While women are nine times as likely to get bunions as men, the condition does not seem to further discriminate with young women being affected as well.  26-year-old Kacey Barker of Massachusetts found herself with a painful bunion that kept getting worse and even caused her to limit the athletic activities she participated in.  “A…

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Ankle Injury Does Not Stop Tennis Star

American tennis star Serena Williams defeated Edina Gallovits-Hall in the Australian Open on Tuesday, despite suffering an ankle injury. “Oh, I’ll be out there, she said. “I mean, unless something fatal happens to me, there’s no way I’m not going to be competing. I’m alive. My heart’s beating. I’ll be fine,” Williams stated, unphased by…

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Welcome the Latest Technology in Toe Nail Fungus Treatment

Louetta Foot and Ankle Specialists physicians are now offering the newest technology in the treatment of unsightly and painful toe nail fungus. The Hyperblue 1530 multi use diode laser, it’s one of the newest advances in the treatment of toe nail fungus. The laser treatment is a safe and painless option with no side effects and reduces the need for prescription…

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New Research May Reveal Possible Cause of Cold Feet

A new study in the American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology has uncovered new evidence that aids in the understanding of cold feet. Scientists have pinpointed specific proteins in the blood vessels that cause a reaction when the body is exposed to cold. The body’s normal response to cold is to restrict blood flow to the…

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Houston’s DeVier Posey Injures Achilles Tendon After First Touchdown Reception

Houston Texan’s rookie wide receiver DeVier Posey had a bittersweet performance in his postseason game against the New England Patriots, scoring his first ever career touchdown reception but also tearing his Achilles tendon late in the 4th quarter. According to sources, Posey will need surgery to correct the injury and might not be available at…

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February Color of the Month

Happy Valentines Day from Louetta Foot and Ankle Specialist. We are now featuring our color of the month nail lacquer. With Valentines Day upon us we have selected the always gorgeous “I’ve got my Sexy back” nail lacquer by ClinicaBeaute. This is a very deep, rich, red with slight dark purple undertones that makes for a very classy and elegant color. ClinicaBeaute’s nail lacquer is formulated…

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Tibial Artery Calcification May Be Able To Predict Foot Ulcers

Research suggests that patients with Type 2 diabetes are more susceptible to foot ulcers through Tibial Artery Calcification (TAC). Patients afflicted with foot sores were three times more likely to have a high TAC score than patients without any foot injuries. “We believe that the clinical value of tibial artery calcification scoring may be in…

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Weight Loss Helps Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Feet

Rheumatoid Arthritis patient Gretchen Linden struggled with both the disease and her weight. “My feet were becoming increasingly deformed,” says Linden. “By the end of 2010, I was not doing any better.” Linden would eventually be consigned to a wheelchair due to loss of mobility from the disease. As a result, Linden eliminated wheat, processed…

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