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Six-Year-Old Walks for First Time after Foot Therapy

After surgery and physical therapy at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, six-year-old Hadi Abukhadra can now walk for the first time. Hadi was walking within two weeks of cast removal thanks to foot therapy with Lucile Packard physical therapy clinical specialist Richard Gee. The six-year-old had to endure a lot of pain, casts, and surgeries to…

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National Athletic Trainers Association Discusses Cold Weather Running Injuries

Below freezing temperatures outside doesn’t mean runners should avoid the outside at all, the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) states, it just means runners should take more precautions to prevent any injury. NATA also suggests when running or working outside to dress in layers, take breaks and warm up periodically, eat a well-balanced diet, stay…

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Managing Odor in Kids Feet

Parents who have to deal their kids having foul foot odor in their kids’ feet can address this problem in several ways. Using antibacterial soap to clean your children’s feet can address bacteria, which is a common cause of odor. Be sure for your kids to alternate shoes and wear fresh socks daily as this…

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Cypress 5K and Puppy Parade

Louetta Foot and Ankle Specialists is excited to sponsor the inaugural Cypress 5K Fun Run and Puppy Parade.  This exciting event will kick off Saturday November 22, 2014 at 9:00 AM at the Spillane Middle School. The Fun Run and Puppy Parade is the school’s first Fun Run, but you don’t have to be a…

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International Walk to School Day encourages Exercising for Children

Schools in Richmond, Virginia celebrated International Walk to School Day on October 8th by encouraging students to walk to school. To celebrate the benefits of exercise children, parents, and school teachers were invited to participate in the day’s activities, which included showing students safe walking routes to school and the importance of pedestrian safety. The…

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Correlation Between Poverty and Gout in Britain

Britain’s combination of poor wage growth and increased food prices has welcomed gout’s return in addition to many other Victorian diseases. This report by the Faculty of Public Health (FPH) is representative of doctors and health workers in Britain.. “It is a condition we believed should have died out,” said John Middleton of the FPH.…

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Woman Runs Boston Marathon after Recovering from Morton’s Neuroma

Laura Cardonna-Dubiel has an impressive track record when it comes to running in the Boston Marathon. On her first time she completed the race at (4:47:08), and has managed to finish within eight seconds of her original time in each of the four marathons she ran after that. This year she finished at (4:44:39), a…

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Massages and Pedicures Enhance Foot Health for Seniors

Licensed massage therapist, medical electrologist, and freelance beauty writer Theresa George says that pampering the feet with messages and pedicures is a good health practice for seniors.  The elderly are sometimes unable to properly care for their lower extremities, but trimming nails and scanning for problems are important routines. “Many seniors can’t see their feet…

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John Simm’s Leg Injury Stops Production on TV Show

The production on John Simm’s new TV thriller PREY was put on hold after the actor sustained a leg injury during a strenuous scene. According to the Star, the demanding shot involved Simm’s character pulling himself out of a river. “We were on about the third take of me clambering up this wet verge,” the…

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As Weather Gets Less Harsh, Runners Start Hurting Themselves More

Many people begin running again as Spring arrives and the weather gets warmer.  According to Google, at this time of the year they see a lot of people searching for terms related to shin splints. Many doctors also state that when the temperature rises, they see a lot more patients with lower extremity injuries. “A…

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