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Chinese Herb Able to Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

A study has found that, as opposed to a widely prescribed drug known as methotrexate, a Chinese herb known as thunder god vine is more efficient at treating rheumatoid arthritis. The herb itself has been long used in China to treat arthritis and is known as, “Lei Gong Teng.” The study, published in the journal…

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Orthotics Serve to Ease the Detrimental Effects of Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is known for causing a great deal of inflammation—and pain—in the feet. According to Brandi Schlossberg, using custom foot orthotics may serve to ease the painful effects of plantar fasciitis and are ideal for those suffering from a foot deformity or unique condition; however, Schlossberg urges anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis to consult…

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UK Groups Identify High Rates of Unnecessary Amputations for Diabetics

A group of MPs and their colleagues in the UK claim that disparities in NHS medical standards have caused an alarming number of English diabetics to have their legs and feet unnecessarily amputated. The MPs call for more stringent and consistent requirements when considering if patients with peripheral arterial disease and diabetes should have their…

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CDC Indicates Arthritis Becoming More Common

Arthritis is a disease that affects over 53 million Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this number has increased from 50 million people since 2010, meaning that the rate of people developing arthritis could be about one million per year. Although arthritis is common in older individuals, who often experience deterioration…

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Conference Gathered to Focus on Active Women and the Development of Neuromas

The Annual Scientific Conference of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) had foot and ankle surgeons gathering to focus on correlating active women and nerve disorders, also known as neuromas. Generally speaking due to common fashion trends women are especially susceptible to foot and ankle conditions. Kris DiNucci, who was one of…

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Runner Kayla Montgomery Does Not Give up Despite Multiple Sclerosis

Teenager Kayla Montgomery was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis three years ago. Even though, she suffers from this debilitating condition, Ms. Montgomery continues to impress many with her ability to run fast, as a young distance runner. Ironically, her condition blocks nerve signals, which render her to become unaware of any pain as her temperature increases…

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Expert Claims Shoe Free Home Rule Unnecessary

Many American households adopt a no-shoe policy under the belief that it could possibly serve hygienic benefits. However, Professor of epidemiology Stephen S. Morse from the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University disagrees. Morse states that mud, dirt, bacteria, and viruses like E.coli and influenza can be distributed throughout the house through the…

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New House Makes Living Tough for Neuropathic Man

A man named Rafee Baksh was moved out of his home in Ilford by the Redbridge Council and placed in a hostel in Forest Hills that he says he can’t use because he’s disabled. Baksh is restricted to the use of a wheelchair because his diabetic neuropathy makes him unable to walk. He claims that…

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Former French President Jacques Chirac Hospitalized for Lower Extremity Pain

Former French President Jacques Chirac was admitted to a hospital near Paris for examinations due to pain in his leg. Many people speculate that Chirac’s suffering is caused by gout. “It’s not serious at all,” a source close to his family said. “His leg has been hurting for two days, which is apparently related to…

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Study Focuses on Marathon Runners and Foot Injury Risks

Research published in journal PLOS ONE is focusing on ultramarathon runners in order to find out if the sport carries any dangerous risks. An ultra-marathon consists of running over 26.2 miles. Although marathon runners know they push their bodies to the limit during races they might not see inherent risk it may carry. After conducting…

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