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National Netball Championship will Feature Jasprizza despite Sesamoid Bone Fracture

Charlotte Jasprizza was competing in the National Netball Championships last year when she fractured her sesamoid bone and was placed in a moon boot for five months. However, Jasprizza has made significant recovery and has finally healed; now the Netball NSW has revealed that she is on the list of players representing South Wales at…

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Plantar Fascia Might Not Be the Only Muscle that Provides Arch Support

A PhD student from the University of Queensland has recently conducted ground-breaking research with potential applications in foot rehabilitation, shoe design, and evolution studies. Apparently, a number of muscles, in addition to the plantar fascia, are activated to in providing arch support. Two experiments were conducted to test the theory. The first experiment involved applying…

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Skin Cream May Help Treat Neuropathy

Researchers at the Boston Children’s Hospital are looking to develop a cream to help combat peripheral neuropathy, a condition commonly faced by people with diabetes. Gabriel Corfas of the F.M Kirby Neurobiology Center at Boston Children’s contemplated whether restoring the factors that help stimulate nerve growth could help treat neuropathy. Corfas and his colleagues created…

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Chaz Williams Overcomes Foot Injury to Lead UMass in Comeback Over George Mason

Chaz Williams, senior guard for the University of Massachusetts, was able to ignore the foot injury he sustained during the Minutemen’s recent game against St. Bonaventure to lead his team to victory against George Mason. Williams was one of the longest-playing and highest-scoring players in the game, scoring 26 points and eight assists in just…

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Bobcats Small Forward Out with Achilles Injury

Charlotte Bobcats small forward Jeff Taylor ruptured the Achilles tendon in his right leg during a game against the Detroit Pistons. Though the severity of the injury is still unknown, it is likely that he’ll have to be out for the rest of the season and possibly more months after that. Taylor started the past…

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Nurse Hikes the Appalachian Trail and Learns About his Feet

A nurse named Marcus Ross walked the entire 2200-mile Appalachian Trail from April to September. Along the way he met many other hikers, some of who had injuries like ankle sprains, fractures, and broken legs that he helped treat to the best of his ability. Ross himself ended up getting blisters on his feet that…

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Studies Show Biomechanics Influence the Force of Running Strides

Generally, how hard of an impact a runner’s strides make can be determined by their weight and how fast they are running. But even with these two factors in mind, the force of a step can be hard to calculate because everyone has different biomechanics. Various studies have been done to understand the biomechanical factor.…

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Baines Recovered from Toe Injury, Could Return to Soccer Soon

Leighton Baines may have recovered enough from his broken toe to come back to Everton by Boxing Day. His team has won four games since he’s been out, but they still welcome his return. “Of course we have missed him,” said manager Roberto Martinez. “You can’t underestimate the quality of Leighton and his experience, know-how…

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Boy Able to Receive Surgery Thanks to Organization

11-year-old Garret Bonneville struggles with intense pain and difficulty as a result of having flat feet. Unfortunately, Bonneville’s condition has been so severe that not even shoe orthotics, braces, or even bone surgery helped with the pain that Bonneville has endured. Fortunately, Garrett’s great-grandmother was able to get in contact with the LaGrange branch of…

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Shoe Drive Donates To Children in Foster Homes

This season, about 100 children placed in foster homes will have shoes for the holidays thanks to the Free Masons of Alabama. Together with fellow charitable organizations within the area, the Masons participated in an annual project to have shoes donated to children in need. Thankfully, the Masons were able to receive enough funding to…

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