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The Best Way to Get Safe Pedicures

Sometimes, you just need to relax and get your toenails looking pretty with safe pedicures. Maybe you’re avoiding salons, because of the cost or safety concerns. Or maybe you’re just crunched for time and squeezing in a home pedicure between work, virtual school and preparing those endless meals and snacks. We get it. But we also want to keep your feet safe.

In our Spring, TX, podiatry office, we offer safe pedicures that even diabetics can feel comfortable enjoying. As our patient Erica A shared,

“Best pedicure I ever had. Really knowledgeable and friendly! Yes, I would recommend this office to all of my family and friends.”

And these pedicures aren’t just for the ladies, either. Simply ask Galen M., who came in for our medical-grade pedicure and revealed,

“My wife said I had better looking feet than hers after my pedicure.”

Of course, you may not have the time to come into the office every time you need a nail trim and polish. We get how busy our patients are these days. So, with that in mind, we’re here to help you avoid the top pedicure mistake that could send you into our office with an ingrown toenail or an infection. And to help you figure out why your toes might be hurting before you come into the office.

Causes of Toenail Pain that Aren’t Pedicures

If your toenails hurt right now, or they look different (crumbly, thick or yellow) you need a diagnostic appointment before you get a pedicure. There are so many conditions that can leave you with toenail pain, from an ingrown toenail to a fungal nail infection. Even something simple like stubbing your toe could cause a fracture, and that’s something you need to address before changing out your nail polish. (Yes, you can and SHOULD treat a broken toe, or it might never heal properly.)

Once you’ve addressed any toenail pain, or if your toes already feel great? Now, you’re cleared to get a pedicure. But if you want a safe pedicure, it’s best to steer clear of certain instruments.

Dangerous Nail Cutting Tools to Avoid for Safe Pedicures

safe pedicures in Spring, TX

Enjoy a safe pedicure in our Spring, TX spa and take home some of Dr. Michelle’s nail polish!

Want to know the most dangerous part of any pedicure? It’s the nail-trimming: trim too short, or in the wrong shape, and you could end up with serious foot pain. Not to mention leaving yourself open to nail and foot infections.

That’s why many of our patients use a nail clipper at home. After all, if that’s its one job, isn’t this tool safe? Unfortunately, as podiatrists, we know nail clippers cause lots of problems. Both at home and at the nail salon.  Because clippers are blunt and often stiff, it can be hard to control the amount of nail you clip. That means you’re more likely to trim below your nail bed. Which can lead to cuts and bleeding. And leave an opening for fungus and bacteria to enter your nail.

Also, with nail clippers, you may accidentally take off skin along with your toenail. If that happens, your toes may become sensitive, so wearing sneakers and participating in activities like running may be too difficult. With all the risks involved in nail clipping, we hope we’ve convinced you to try something different. And this is what we want you to do.

Why Nail Filing Means Safe Pedicures Safe pedicures and fungal nail treatments give nails you can show off anywhere

Instead of trimming or cutting your toenails, we’d love you to file them (gently) to ensure safe pedicures. First, make sure to use a brand-new nail file every time. This will help keep your nails clean and free from infection. Then, gently move back and forth across your nails. Because here’s the great news: when you use a nail file, it’s almost impossible to take your nails down to a dangerously low level. Plus, with no sharp edges, you don’t have to worry about cuts or infections when you use a nail file.

Love a square-tip finish? That’s wonderful, because it’s safest to file your nails straight across. Avoid taking nails down around the curves of your nail, since this can encourage inward growth. And make sure to always leave a small amount of visibly white nail tips when you file. That way you know the delicate skin beneath your nail is still protected. Finally, once you’re filed and polished (using a nail-friendly polish brand such as Dr. Michelle’s anti-fungal polishes) make sure to moisturize! This will help your feet stay healthy, and protect you from the hardened skin patches of corns and callouses.

Got diabetes? All of these tips apply, but you must be especially careful when caring for your feet. Since any small cut could put you on a dangerous path towards foot ulcers. Given the risk, you may feel safer coming into our office for a diabetic-friendly pedicure. Just book your appointment quickly. Our expert pedicurist is in constant demand, so you will want to reserve your pedicure today, as we do our best to accommodate your needs!

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