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Why Custom Orthotics beat Dr Scholls Inserts Every Time

In our office, we provide many patients with custom orthotics. There are so many times when our bodies don’t work the way they should. And this can cause so many types of foot pain. Thankfully, surgery isn’t your only pain relief solution: custom shoe inserts can really help!

At our Spring and Tomball, TX podiatry practices, the custom orthotics we fit to your body can help control abnormal foot motion. They’ll give you more stability, and correct any imbalances that may be causing you injury. custom orthotics for heel pain

These are just a few of the problems we can help relieve with orthotic devices:

  1. heel spurs
  2. bunions
  3. shin splints and more!

So often, a custom orthotic offers the pain relief solution you never thought you’d find. As our patient Elizabeth T shared, “Dr Walsh prescribed me some custom orthotics. The orthotics seemed to have fixed my feet and ankle pain. I was hoping for a miracle but didn’t actually expect to get it! Thank you so much for a great experience!”

Why are these devices so effective? And what makes a custom orthotic different from an over the counter product like Dr. Scholls inserts? Keep reading to find out the answer to these questions and so much more!

What’s the Difference Between Orthotics and Shoe Inserts?

When you shop for inserts at a Dr Schools kiosk, you aren’t getting a custom product. That means your shoe insert won’t be designed to support your body’s areas of weakness. Yes, they can offer you cushioning. Which may help absorb some shock, especially when you run. But they won’t correct any imbalances in your body. Only a custom orthotic, molded to your body’s exact needs, can correct areas of weakness in your body. And offer a lasting pain relief solution. While also helping stop your bunions from getting bigger, or your heel pain from getting worse.


How Do Orthotics Help? Runners find relief from custom orthotic devices

Once you receive your orthotics, you stick them into your shoes. Then, they get to work correcting your pre-existing problems.  You can use orthotics to raise your heels or give you extra arch support—both of which are great options if you’re dealing with flat feet. Plus, we can create different types of orthotics for different activities. Runners will want a specialized, sports orthotic, designed to stand up to the sport’s impact. If you’re just walking, you’ll need a different kind of orthotic. So, it’s a great idea to invest in two pairs, to extend the life of your orthotic devices and to help target different causes of foot pain.

Now, we know that orthotics aren’t cheap. But we want to help you maximize your pain relief. That’s why, this month, we’re offering discounts off your second pair of orthotics. We hope this makes a custom device a bit more accessible, so we can make it part of your recovery plan.

Why do we Prescribe Custom Inserts?

As we mentioned, these devices can help correct a range of problems. Most often, we recommend orthotics if you experience the foot and heel pain of conditions like plantar fasciitis or Morton’s neuroma. Plantar fasciitis, the painful inflammation of tissue bands on your foot base is caused by repetitive strain. And Morton’s neuroma, is an extremely painful condition caused by pinched nerves  between your toes and the ball of your foot.

There are lots of reasons why you develop these problems, but your shoes can make things worse. That’s why adding the support of a custom orthotic can help correct strains that contribute to your foot pain. And keep problems from coming back once we’ve given you a solution that relieves your foot pain.

How Do we Create Custom Orthotics?  Enjoy the gift of a discount off your second pair of orthotics this month

As we mentioned earlier, different orthotics work differently. And, to figure out the kind you need, we’ll have to conduct a thorough exam to determine the root cause of your foot pain.

Your trained podiatrist will look at the flexibility in your joints. We’ll check out your current range of motion while you walk. And we’ll check for your gait (the way you move as you walk and run) to see if your form is part of the problem.

Finally, we’ll fit you for your orthotic. There are a few different ways to get this done. We can use a plaster cast, a foam impression box, or even a digital scanner. Regardless of the fitting method, the custom orthotic device you choose should be tailored to your body. And prescribed with a complete treatment plan that will keep your foot pain from returning.

Have you been dealing with foot pain and are ready for lasting relief? Come into our office during the month of September for a custom orthotics consultation. We’re offering special deals on second pairs of custom devices. And year-round pain relief with each pair of orthotics made just for your body!

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