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Why You Shouldn’t Delay Foot Surgery

We know that scheduling foot surgery can be scary. You don’t want to deal with down time or a recovery period. And so, you delay getting your procedure on the calendar. So, yes, you aren’t being sidelined for recovery. But, most likely, you’re being less active than you want to be because of the condition you aren’t treating. And that’s something we want to change.

Here at Louetta Foot & Ankle, our doctors are experts in surgical foot care. Our skilled foot Foot surgery is the only cure for bunionse surgeons provide expert care, and relief from concerns including bunions, hammertoes and so much more. As Mary K. of Spring, Texas recently shared on Yelp, “If you have foot problems, this is definitely the place you need to go. [I had] the best surgeon and he has the most amazing bedside manner you’ll ever receive. The staff at both locations is kind and professional, don’t waste your time hunting down another doctor. This is the team you want to see!”

Not quite ready to schedule that appointment? Stick with us in this post as we walk you through all the reasons foot surgery is the best thing you can do for your health.

Foot Surgery Cures Your Condition

As we all know, staying off your feet isn’t really an option. Even if you work a desk job, chances are you spend hours standing, walking or running each day. And, if you have foot pain or concerns like bunions, even a few minutes on your feet could feel like torturous hours.

But that’s not all. If you don’t treat your painful foot conditions, your activity levels will likely drop. After all, who wants to get active when they’re dealing with pain?

Now, we know it can be tempting to explore non-surgical solutions to foot pain. But here’s the thing: for many conditions, these will only help limit your symptoms. As soon as you stop the intervention, your foot problem will likely return. It may even get worse unless you address the underlying cause of your problem.

With foot surgery, on the other hand, we can provide you with a permanent solution to problems such as bunions. In fact, surgery is currently the only cure for bunions—any other treatment method will only manage your pain and possibly prevent them from getting bigger.

In other words, you should choose foot surgery if you want a permanent solution to your troubling foot condition. That’s what Tori Spelling recently did, when she chose to treat son Liam’s injury surgically. She explained on Instagram that, six weeks after falling down the stairs, Liam experienced “no healing” on his own. As such, she scheduled him for surgery. And despite knowing that he had a “long journey” to healing ahead of him, she was grateful that the “recovery process” was in motion.

Still not convinced that scheduling foot surgery is the best way to heal? Here are 3 more reasons to stop delaying foot surgery.


You’ll Enjoy Targeted Pain Relief

When you schedule foot surgery with the podiatrists at Louetta Foot & Ankle Specialists, our number one goal is to help you say good-bye to pain. Our procedures will target underlying issues contributing to your discomfort. And our team will stay with you during the recovery process, providing physical rehabilitation and even laser therapy to help you recover quickly with as little pain as possible.

You Can Take Back Your Life

When you’re dealing with chronic foot pain, everything becomes more difficult. Is your foot pain making it hard to run errands, do your job, stick to an exercise routine or even socialize with friends? It’s time to schedule your recommended foot surgery, so you can get back to living the way you want to.

Enjoy the Gift of Time Choosing foot surgery is like getting the gift of time

If your feet are always hurting, even the simplest of tasks—like walking down your driveway to get the paper—take twice as long. That’s because the pain slows you down, as you exercise caution before every step you prepare to take. But after surgically correcting your foot problem? Following a recovery period, you’ll notice everyday tasks are just easier. Grocery runs will take much less time. And that favorite workout or running route? Get ready to get back to it with feet that won’t slow you down!

Schedule a Surgical Consult at Louetta Foot & Ankle Specialists

We know that electing to have surgery is frightening. But we also know that a life lived with foot pain is equally daunting. Have you been avoiding a recommended procedure? We invite you into our Spring or Tomball, Texas offices to talk about your treatment options. We can answer all your questions; we will offer you our expert opinion and guidance. And, hopefully, we will leave you with results like Margaret Mills described on Healthgrades, saying: “This was, my second surgery by Dr. Bachmann. The first one in 2013 was extensive with excellent results. This one took less time, and so far the results have been painless. He takes time to explain the procedure and really cares about his patients. Highly recommend him.”