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Got heel pain? Bursitis could be to blame

Here in our Spring Hill and Tomball podiatry practices, we see many patients whose heel pain is caused by bursitis. But what is bursitis? And how can we treat this condition to relieve your discomfort? Here’s what you need to know!

What is bursitis? two bare feet touching

If you have bursitis, that means you’ve developed inflammation in the small, fluid-filled sacs that provide cushioning to the tendons, muscles and bones that surround your joints. Now, you have these bursa all over your body. So bursitis can develop near many different joints. However, when our team of podiatrists treat heel pain, the problem is located at the spot where your Achilles tendon inserts into the heel bone.

Heel pain bursitis: what’s the cause?

Inflammation in your bursa is usually the result of repetitive motion. As such, bursitis may go hand in hand with Achilles tendinitis or plantar fasciitis, since both conditions develop from stress to the area. In some cases, trauma or injury to the heel area could also result in heel pain and bursitis. Additionally, your age could contribute to problems, since older adults are more likely to develop bursitis. Finally, some underlying medical conditions (including gout and rheumatoid arthritis) increase your risk for bursitis.


In addition to heel pain, bursitis at the Achilles tendon insertion point can also cause the area around the joint to be red or swollen. You may feel stiff or achy. And your pain may worsen with movement or when you press on the area surrounding the joint.

Heel pain and bursitis treatment in Spring TX

If your bursa are inflamed, we’ll recommend resting and icing the area. If it seems like you’ve developed an infection in the area, we may also prescribe antibiotics. Finally, we may suggest a course of physical therapy with our in-house athletic trainer in Spring TX. By working on strengthening your surrounding muscles and tendons, you can help prevent recurring injuries by taking pressure off your delicate bursa.

Dealing with heel pain and concerned it could be caused by bursitis? Contact our office right away. We’ll help you heal the inflammation and come back stronger than before!