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5 Reasons Why Laser Therapy is your Pain Relief Solution

In out Spring, TX podiatric practice, we offer MLS laser therapy to patients seeking pain relief. As our podiatrists have become laser-therapy experts, even training other podiatry practices across the country, our patients have embraced this cutting-edge technology.

As our patient Pierre B. shared, “After having a severe case of Plantar Fasciitis, we tried all procedures and treatments to reduce pain and inflammation.  Nothing worked.  I was told by Dr. Bachmann of a new procedure, a laser treatment (MLS) that was new but very effective.  I tried it and after treatment #1 I already felt an improvement.  I’m on treatment 9 of 10 and can honestly say it has relieved the pain and constant irritation I was experiencing for the past 9 months.  I would recommend this treatment and the excellent service of Dr. Bachmann’s team of health care professionals.” MLS laser therapy for pain relief

So, now you know the kind of impact this therapy can have on foot pain. But what exactly is the MLS laser and how does it work? Here’s what you need to know:

What is the MLS Laser?

MLS stands for Multiwave Lock Systems; it delivers two different light wavelengths to targeted parts of your body in order to relieve your pain, among other beneficial effects.

The FDA approves MLS Laser for pain treatments, because the energy of its light wavelengths speeds up your own body’s ability to heal. In other words, using this laser to target inflamed parts of your body fights internal inflammation, reducing your pain experience, while encouraging your cells to repair internal damage and speed up the growth of healthy new cells.

Which conditions can the MLS Laser Treat?

Basically, this laser helps relieve all kinds of painful foot conditions, from injuries to chronic heel pain and even the discomfort of diabetic neuropathy or arthritis. It can also address toenail fungus and neuroma, without the need for invasive procedures or medications.

We’ve also seen great results for our post-surgical patients: it can help dramatically speed up the recovery time, either on its own or in combination with other post-op recommendations such as physical rehabilitation.

Best of all, this laser can help offer pain relief to people who aren’t able to take oral medications. Plus, the treatments are virtually painless, and don’t lead to any known side effects. You can return to your regular activities immediately after therapy. The only post-laser treatment recommendation is to avoid placing ice on your treatment area for a full 24 hours after a session. Most patients will see a noticeable different in their pain experience after just one or two sessions, though the full healing effect will require further treatments. Just how many sessions you’ll require, and how frequently we space out those treatments, will largely depend on the underlying cause of your pain.

5 Other MLS Laser Healing Benefits

MLS Laser Therapy

As we mentioned, we’ve seen amazing results when we offer our patients laser therapy pain relief. But this state-of-the-art technology can do so much more. Here are some of the other powerful properties associated with MLS laser treatments:


  1. Fight Swelling.

    When you receive laser therapy, more oxygenated blood reaches your targeted treatment areas. As a result, your blood vessels expand in diameter, improving your blood flow and improving drainage in your legs. This can help prevent painful swelling, especially in your feet, legs and ankles.

  2. Regrow nerves and develop new capillaries.

    As we mentioned earlier, the power of the laser’s light wavelengths can speed up healthy cell growth. At the same time, the light energy can increase the speed at which your nerve cells reconnect, which is one of the reasons it’s a great choice for patients living with diabetic neuropathy.  Plus, the light power can help your body develop new capillaries (fine blood vessels that connect veins and arteries). And this, in turn, can help speed up healing on damaged tissue or open wounds and ulcers.

  3. Cartilage development.

    Cartilage is the connective tissue that helps keep your joints working properly. When MLS lasers boost your cartilage production, this can help reduce your joint pain.

    4. Stimulate bone growth.

    When you’re dealing with a broken bone, choosing laser therapy could reduce your healing time by speeding up the development of healthy new bone tissue. And this applies to sprains and other injuries as well, since the MLS laser can also…

    5. Heal damaged muscles and reduce scarring.

    Because laser therapy boosts cell growth, this can also speed up muscle regeneration after an acute injury. At the same time, the lasers can boost your collagen production by helping you develop fibroblasts, a type of cell that develops in your connective tissues in order to produce collagen as well as other fibers. This is great news for so many reasons, most especially since collagen helps repair injured tissue, meaning you’ll be less likely to scar after surgery or an open wound injury.

Choosing Laser Therapy at Louetta Foot and Ankle Specialists MLS Laser treatment can relieve heel pain and achilles tendinitis

Why are we telling you all this? We know that laser therapy isn’t covered by most insurance plans. But when you understand all its potential benefits, especially the power of laser therapy to reduce healing time, we hope you’ll understand why we recommend this treatment option.

We just want to help you find pain relief. Just like one of our patients recently expressed, “After just 2 treatments with the MLS Laser for my ankle injury, I felt a significant decrease in pain and swelling. I am very active in the gym so it was very important for me to heal quickly. Each treatment is quick and painless as well which is a definite plus! I would recommend this treatment to anyone in pain!”Our podiatrists want to give you the same relief. So schedule a consult today to see if we can help you with our state-of-the-art laser therapy!