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Heartfelt and Thankful MLS Laser Testimony

My story of my journey before I came to this office.

42 1/2 years ago as a young mother of an 8 month old daughter Alicia, who was just walking. It was June of 1973; my husband Ray and I lived in Friendswood, Texas. At that time he was working Saturdays for SWB (Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.) it was close to Father’s Day and my husband’s birthday, since it was hard for me to shop with a little one I asked him to come home early so we could shop at a store in League City not far from our home called Beall’s. It was in a strip center and small but had all we needed there to purchase.

He came home around 2:00 pm and we arrived there about 2:15 pm our daughter was chubby and hard for me to carry and hold so we discussed bringing her stroller ( thank goodness we did) those days the strollers were big, cumbersome but safe and strong we put her in it as she slept. We walked into the store and my husband decided he would try on sport coats that were right in the front with a mirror next to the hanging coats. I walked about a foot to the shirts etc. that were on wire hangers (all they had then) to look for our dads, gifts for Father’s Day. We were in their about 10 min. with our daughter to the right of me handle facing me and all of a sudden I hear an explosion I thought something in the ceiling had exploded but in reality an elderly gentleman, 88 years old, with his wife in the vehicle got confused in the parking lot and put his foot on the gas and not the brake and sped into the store  right by my husband and hit me( my husband’s sport coat from the friction was in shreds as it hung on him) I of course did not realize I was hit as I apparently went into shock . The car’s bumper hit me and on my left leg in back bent my leg and the calf and upper thigh were burned by the battery acid and I had what they called “Kissing wounds”. I was thrown into the air and knocked 25 ft. and crashed to the ground, I had apparently hit one of the wire hangers and it cut into the part of my eye under the brow. I could feel the blood but did not know why? I felt as if I had just fallen to the floor.

My husband said adrenaline hit and he leaped over the car knowing my daughter and I were in the front of the car. Of course I was across the store and my daughter had been pushed to the right about 15 ft. When they found her she was in a fetal position with the stroller folded up with her inside. They got her out and she was not breathing but once they got her out she started crying for me and had a small bruise on her face.

My left leg as I landed was bent in and my shoe heal was gone. They immediately put me in an ambulance with the man’s wife and my husband and daughter rode in the front with the driver. I was the only one hurt in the store. The man of course had no insurance, so a young couple, married 5 years were left to deal. The burns were the main reason to help me as battery acid continues to burn, thus ligament, nerve etc. damage. I was so blessed that I did not lose my leg, and our daughter was alright aside she has respiratory problems to this day at 43, at this moment she is in the hospital for respiratory problems.

I really never had ( or thought I didn’t think so ) that I had no other injuries but my leg and eye which I have diminished sight in my right eye. As the years passed and I had my son 9 years later I had pain in my left leg but never thought about my left foot. As I aged ( I will be 70 this year ) I was 27 at the time of the accident , my leg bothered me but I attributed it to arthritis which is in my family. About three years ago my left foot started turning inward to the floor and pain started in the foot (thinking just arthritis of course) and then it was hard for me to wear shoes but as it progressed I just kept thinking there was really nothing that could be done, the pain got worse in my foot and it was hard to walk but again I just dealt with it. 7 weeks ago it became so painful all the way up my left leg to my hip and I was almost home bound. My husband said we had to do something and found Dr. Bachmann .

I had X-rays and he said I had some sort of old injury (torn ligaments or a fracture?) that never healed and all the bones in my foot and toes were just a mess and he said he could do surgery but said before that he would try the laser treatments and boot to push the bones in (not a cure as he said but a way for me to function) the pain on a scale of 1 to 10 was about a 20!  I started my laser treatments 2 times a week for 10 treatments. The pain was a 9 for a while then to a 3, 2, 1 and then nothing. I saw Dr. last Tuesday and told him I had no more pain for the first time in years! I am getting special orthotics made and will wear the boot until then. It is such a blessing to be pain free, my foot is still turned but I know with the orthotics and some good footwear I will be able to function.

I am so glad I came to Louetta Foot and Ankle, I feel as if I have my life back. Well this is my story, sorry it was so lengthy but that is me!

Thank you all again especially Dr. Bachmann, Kim and the other young ladies there at the office.