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Our Podiatrist’s Guide to Healthy Winter Feet

While our Texas weather is fairly mild, it’s still tough to maintain healthy winter feet. As  temperatures drop, you may turn on the heat in your home, leaving you with dry skin that can crack your heels. Healthy winter feet help you get where you're going

You’ll also likely run into a rainy day or two. So you may be wearing those rubber Hunter boots with thick socks, meaning your feet could get wet and sweaty. And that leaves an opening for fungal infections and more.

Here at Louetta Foot and Ankle Specialists, we’re here to keep your feet looking and feeling their best. All year long. It’s why we’ve expanded our medical grade spa pedicure services, adding a second technician to meet your needs.

And it’s why we share extra foot care tips at every appointment we offer. As patient Nancy L said, she came to “Dr. Walsh to trim my nails… She said things were in good shape and made good suggestions about shoes and lotions for my dry skin.”

When we see you for one reason, we’re also ready to help you avoid foot problems down the road. And today, we’re helping you out with tips for keeping your feet healthy in the winter months ahead!

How to Prevent Cracked Heels for Healthy Winter Feet

Warm socks and dry indoor heat suck the moisture out of your delicate foot skin. That makes your skin more fragile. And leaves you vulnerable to painful cracks, especially on your heels.

Want to avoid this painful problem? Now’s the perfect time to start a daily moisturizing routine. Now, regular moisturizers are great for your hands and body. But when it comes to your feet, you need more intense healing. So look for a foot heel balm instead.

A balm is different from a moisturizer. Products that can truly heal your foot skin should contain urea and lactic acid for extra moisture locks. They can also help repair small cracks in your skin. But if cracks are large, deep or bleeding, come see us right away. This can help protect your feet from infection.

Why Winter is the Right Time for a Nail Polish Pause

We all love showing off a pretty pedicure. But winter months (and winter boots) mean your nails won’t be on display. So why not take this time to let your nails breathe?

You see, even the healthiest of polishes can dry your nails. This leaves them vulnerable to fungal toenail infections, since bacteria can collect beneath your polish. And dry nails are more likely to crack. So that the fungus and bacteria can make its way onto your nail bed.

Want to keep nails at their optimal health levels? Let them breathe this winter. That way, when sandal-weather returns in spring, your toenails will be ready to return to your favorite nail polishes.


Keep Feet Free of Gathered Moisture

When you layer up against the colder weather, your feet tend to sweat. And those thick winter socks can trap that moisture against your feet. Creating the perfect breeding ground for athlete’s foot and other fungal infections.

If you want to avoid itchy foot fungus, keeping your feet dry is crucial. Change your socks regularly, drying your feet carefully after they come off. (And be sure to dry between your toes. That’s a favorite spot for athlete’s foot to develop!)

Choosing appropriate sock material can also help. While we used to recommend cotton socks, that’s no longer the case. Cotton socks can actually absorb moisture, trapping it against your feet. Instead, if sweating is a problem, choose sweat-wicking athletic socks. That should help keep feet dry and free of infection.

Just don’t forget those shoes you choose. Rubber rain boots don’t breathe. So they also create a sweaty environment. Which means you should never wear them without socks. And, again, you should choose sweat-wicking socks with this foot gear.

Now, what if you choose to run through the winter? Remember that your sneakers may end up in wet conditions. If you hope to avoid clammy feet on your runs, you can waterproof your training shoes. To help keep feet dry and comfortable. So you can enjoy those healthy winter feet.

Need a little more help maintaining healthy winter feet? We’re here to meet your needs. Simply schedule a medical-grade spa treatment, like our delightful waterless diabetic pedicure. Our expert pedicurists will pamper your feet and keep you dry, healthy and infection free!