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Runners & Claudia Jordan: Here’s How to Get Rid of Corns

how to get rid of corns on footAre you wondering how to get rid of corns? You’re not alone! These pesky layers of hard skin are a real problem for many. They often plague runners. And even celebrities aren’t immune.

After all, former Miss Rhode Island USA and “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Claudia Jordan once went on “The Dr. Oz Show” to complain about her corns. In fact, she compared her foot condition to costar Nene Leakes, saying, “My corns are extremely annoying, but they are nowhere near as obnoxious as Nene Leakes.”

Now, we aren’t here for bullying. But we’re all about relieving the pain and annoyance of corns. So, today, we’re going to teach you how to prevent these growths. Then, we’ll tell you how to get rid of corns, safely and permanently.

What are Corns?

Corns are thickenings of the skin of your feet, often developed in areas under a lot of pressure. They are often layers of the skin that have become dry, rough, and painful, and are normally smaller than calluses.

What Causes Corn Growth?

For Jordan, who’s very open about her foot condition, the problems seem to go back to her early years as a sprinter. Plus, all of the hours she spends wearing high heels for reality TV certainly don’t help.

Why does running lead to corn growth? Well, these built-up layers of skin form when you put too much pressure on your feet. In fact, they’re your body’s way of protecting itself from that pressure. And, as all runners know, the sport makes your feet absorb a lot of impact. Especially if you train every day, or competitively.

How to Get Rid of Corns: Prevention

Instead of getting rid of corns, why not try to stop them from forming in the first place. Here, you have many options. But some of the best ways to keep corns from developing include:

  • Wearing well-fitting socks
  • Choosing comfortable shoes that are not tight around your foot
  • Selecting running shoes that offer support such as padding or cushioning
  • Getting custom orthotics, to distribute your weight evenly and avoid pressure build up on any spot in your foot

How to Get Rid of Corns: Treatment Options After Formation

Treating corns involves removing the dead skin that has built up in the specific area of the foot. Salicylic acid can help in getting rid of these corns because it dissolves keratin, which is the protein that makes up a majority of corns. Podiatrists recommend that people with diabetes not use salicylic acid and should consult with their podiatrist regarding the treatment of corns. Also, we strongly suggest avoiding over-the-counter corn treatments, since these can burn your skin, and are often ineffective.

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For help dealing with corns and other foot conditions, see our team of highly trained podiatrists at Louetta Foot and Ankle Specialists, P.A. We will treat your thickened skin, and address the causes of pressure on your feet so they don’t return!

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