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What is a Medical Pedicure and Who Needs One?

If you’ve seen our medispa in the office, you may be wondering what is a medical pedicure? Simply put, it’s a pampering procedure designed to protect and enhance your foot health. UNlike some spa treatments, a medi-pedi places more focus on your skin and nail health. Yet, during your pedicure at our medi-spa, you’ll enjoy an experience similar to what you’d receive in a salon. The difference? You’ll be treated by one of our trained pedicurists, who knows how to safely care for the delicate skin on your feet, as well as your cuticles and nails. Plus, all the medical pedicure equipment is clinically sterilized. So that means it’s safe for anyone to get treated in our medispa. Even if you have diabetes!

During your procedure, we can safely address concerns like hard calluses, corns, or fungal toenails. We can safely rehydrate your dry, cracked skin. And we’ll offer you a choice of polish colors from our lie of anti-fungal nail polish!

Above all else, your medical pedicure will be enjoyable. But don’t take our word for it! Just ask patient Eileen K., who recently shared: “They have a medical pedicure office which beats any nail salon pedicure. It’s worth the extra money! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!”

What is a medical pedicure: how it feels What is a medical pedicure?

When it’s done right, your medispa services should feel fabulous, and never painful. Unlike salon services, that may roughly smooth your calluses or aggressively push back your cuticles, we take great care to preserve your delicate skin. You can also let us know if your feet are particularly ticklish or sensitive, so we can take extra care to keep you comfortable.

Who needs a Medispa?

If you have diabetes, you should never visit a regular salon for a pedicure. In fact, you should only trust your feet with trained medical pedicure staff. Of course, anyone can enjoy this procedure. Choosing a medical pedicure makes sense for anyone who wants to feel safe and certain that all the instruments touching their feet will be sterile. Additionally, if you have concerns such as corns, calluses or ingrown toenails, a medi-pedi may be your safest option.

Now, how often should you schedule your appointments? Come in anytime you want to freshen up your polish. But even if you don’t want nail polish, we suggest coming in every other month for a foot refresh. While the cost is higher than a spa pedicure, the benefits are tremendous. Because sticking to a regular medical pedicure schedule can help prevent ingrown toenails, fungal nail infections and painful cracked heels. It’s also a great way to get a complete diabetic foot check between your quarterly office visits, since our trained pedicurists can alert you to any changes in your skin’s appearance.

What is a medical pedicure option in Spring, TX?

If you want a medical pedicure in Spring, TX, look no further than Dr. Michelle’s Medi Spa. We offer waterless pedicures for diabetics, medi-pedi’s with a whirpool soak and callus removal, along with manicures, foot facials and so much more.

Recently, we even started offering waxing services. So now, you can schedule all your salon service in our safe, sterile environment, where all tools are sealed and cleaned in a hospital-grade autoclave. And you can rest-assured that our onsite, board-certified podiatrists are overseeing your care and coordinating approved treatments with other doctors from your care team. But don’t wait too long—due to high-demand and service popularity, we often have a wait list for procedures. Reach out today and request your desired appointment, and we’ll do all we can to accommodate your needs!