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Here’s how to pick summer heels that don’t hurt your feet

As podiatrists in Spring and Tomball TX, we know our patients wear sandals all year long. But with the official start of summer right around the corner, we’re here to help you pick out sandals with heels that don’t hurt your feet.

Now, you might think that means wearing flats all season, but that could cause more harm than good. In fact, wearing a completely flat shoe like a flip-flop hurts your feet, knees and back. Especially if you try walking in these styles.

Want to find cute summer heels that you can walk or dance in all season long? Keep reading for our guide to finding heels that don’t hurt!

Rule 1: Find the Goldilocks of Heel Heights

Heels that don't hurt feet

Photo by Allyson Johnson on Unsplash

We already told you that flat shoes are bad for your feet. But heels over three inches tall are also trouble. (They change your center of gravity, increasing your risk for ankle sprain. Plus, they put more pressure on your forefoot. And that increases your risk for Morton’s neuroma, hammertoes and even bunions.)

If you can’t go too flat, and you can’t go too tall, what’s the perfect height for heels that don’t hurt? Aim for a heel height between one and two inches, depending on your body mechanics and preference.

Rule 2: Heels that Don’t Hurt Need backings

Especially in summer, slip-on styles such as mules or thongs are always popular. But while they look cute and effortless, they make your foot and toes work overtime, gripping the shoes to keep them in place. As such, shoes without backings can lead to foot and arch pain, and could even change your foot shape over time.

Keep in mind that tight or thin back straps can also cause problems. These can rub against your heels or cut into your skin, causing pain or creating blisters. To avoid this discomfort, choose wide soft straps that don’t put too much pressure on your heels.

Rule 3: Wedges Before Stilettoes

Regardless of height, narrow heels or stilettoes are bound to hurt your feet. Because they can’t properly support your weight, they put lots of pressure on your forefoot. And that leads to lots of foot problems, many of which we mentioned earlier.

Want to find heels that don’t hurt as much? Go wider and look for a wedge-style summer sandal. Because they run the full length of your foot, they help distribute pressure across your whole foot. Plus, they offer a wider surface, so you feel more stable and lower your risk for trips and stumbles.

Make Sure Your Heels Don’t Hurt: Your Team of Podiatrists in Spring, TX

Regardless of the shoes you choose, we know you may develop heel pain this summer. Spending more time outdoors can mean more time on your feet. And if you spent the winter and spring months inactive, on the couch, that can translate to the heel pain of plantar fasciitis.

Now, changing your shoes to more supportive styles can help keep you comfortable. But if heel pain is chronic, and getting in the way of your summer fun, you’ll need more help to get back to walking comfortably.

As our patient Pauline L recently shared, “I came in due to having extreme heel pain. Comfortable atmosphere and staff was very sweet and friendly. [The doctor] took his time to understand my problem and explained everything I need to know. He took his time and made sure I had all the answers I needed. Highly recommend!”

We want you to have the same great results, and resolve your heel pain comfortably. To that end, we urge you to follow our tips for finding heels that don’t hurt. Then, if you do experience foot or heel pain, come in for an immediate appointment so we can help you walk more comfortably!