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Here’s Why You Have to Fight Foot Inflammation

While foot inflammation may not seem like a major concern, this condition is actually the source of many chronic conditions. From Achilles tendonitis to plantar fasciitis, inflammation can lead to pain in your heels, calves and more. In fact, inflammation can be so destructive, that Chicago Bulls player Zach Levine has been sidelined from the NBA for weeks due to inflammation in his foot. Want to reduce inflammation and get back on your feet? Keep reading for more information!

What Causes Foot Inflammation?

Inflammation in your foot can come from many sources. Often, the inflammation sets in after a traumatic injury, like a sprained ankle. But other times, it can develop slowly, over time, as a result of minor stresses or pressures. Either way, once inflammation sets in, pain is sure to follow, unless you address the issue, and its root cause.

Treatment Options

If tendons in your feet or ankles are inflamed, you can reduce discomfort by icing the affected area for 20 minutes at a time, several times a day. In some cases, anti-inflammatory medications can help manage pain and speed up healing. And resting the affected foot can reduce pressure on the injured area, resolving inflammation at a faster pace.

Now, if your inflammation is the result of injury, this process should help you heal. But if the inflammation is caused by pressure on your feet, resulting from biomechanical imbalances, you’ll need to address that source of stress. Otherwise, your pain and inflammation will quickly return.

So, how can we take pressure off your feet and prevent inflammation? The answer is simple! Reach out to our office today and request a fitting for custom orthotics! These medical devices are formulated to fit your exact foot structure, providing support where you need it most. As a result, they can help prevent pain, inflammation and chronic concerns that make it hard for you o move!