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Heartfelt and Thankful MLS Laser Testimony

My story of my journey before I came to this office. 42 1/2 years ago as a young mother of an 8 month old daughter Alicia, who was just walking. It was June of 1973; my husband Ray and I lived in Friendswood, Texas. At that time he was working Saturdays for SWB (Southwestern Bell…

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Foot Care Advice During Pregnancy

Foot Care Advice for Soon to be Moms Foot health can be a source of anxiety for both new and expectant mothers, who may wonder about the best ways to care and cope with changes in their feet. “Pregnancy creates many changes in the body and can even affect the size of a woman’s feet,” says…

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Spend Time on the Feet to Promote Good Health

According to a recent study, office workers who spend most of their day sitting in a chair should devote at least two hours on their feet to reduce risk of heart attacks, cancer, or diabetes. The study, commissioned by Public Health England (PHE) and the Active Working Community Interest Company, suggests that office workers should…

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Julie Lopez Shoes creates Comfortable Heels

After unsuccessfully trying to find a pair of shoes that are both stylish and comfortable, Julie Lopez used her background in orthopedic nursing to create Julie Lopez Shoes. The brand’s shoes are designed for women who suffer from bunions, mild arthritis, larger shoe sizes, and wide feet. “Women will be women, and we feel strong…

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New Hydrotherapy Technology treats Foot Conditions

A new form of hydrotherapy, Aquaroll, can treat various foot conditions including Morton’s neuroma and peripheral neuropathy. Aquaroll involves a tub that is partially filled with hot water and 30,000 tiny glass beads that swirl rapidly around the feet. Morton’s neuroma is a condition in which the nerves in the ball of the feet become…

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Overweight Woman able to wear Shoes

Lynne Weston has, until recently, been confined to her own house and unable to wear shoes. Due to her roughly 400 pound weight, Weston’s day would consist of her sitting in her armchair all day. Lymphedema, a complication of obesity that leads to fluid buildup, caused swelling in the feet and legs. After being admitted…

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Plantar Fasciitis Diagnosed More Often in Warmer Weather

Spring is reportedly the season when plantar fasciitis flare ups often occur. Dr. Raj Bhardwaj, a Canadian doctor, states that the nicer weather is what prompts people to step outside of their houses and walk to destinations. Often times, people are walking hard concrete. Walking too much or suddenly increasing distance can also add to…

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Swedish firm Volumental can determine Shoe Size

Technology developed by Swedish firm Volumental can now reportedly scan the feet and recognize what size shoe would best fit the feet. Using 3D cameras such as Microsoft’s Kinect or Intel’s RealSense, the technology would map a person’s foot in seconds. The cameras would be connected to a computer and rotate around the foot to…

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Ultraviolet Sanitizer can clear Foot Fungus

Ultraviolet sanitizers are reportedly capable of removing infection-causing fungi and odor-creating bacteria from shoes. One particular advice has been shown to lower the levels of fungus in test pairs of athletic shoes and leather shoes. The StericShoe involves an insert for each shoe, plugs into a wall socket, and comes with citrus-scent cartridges to help…

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Link Found Between Socks Type and Blister Development

A link may be present between the kind of socks one wears and the development of blisters on the feet. Wearing thin or cotton socks can increase the friction that causes the outer layer of skin to separate from the inner layers of skin. Thin and cotton socks absorb sweat and therefore leave no lubrication…

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